K-3’s consulting services include all disciplines within the natural resources industry and provides professional consultancy in all the key aspects of the industry including engineering and Project management.

K-3 provides its services through a well-established pool of experienced industry professionals and academic support and this gives us the ability to expand our services delivery without any limitations.


Our vision is to be your preferred experts in Natural Resources development and management.


K-3 resources aim to:

  • Provide mining and geosciences consulting services
  • Out-source engineers and other professionals in the mining, petroleum and related services
  • Provide Technological advancement and client focused solutions
  • Provide cost effective and timely execution of projects
  • Provide innovative business solutions
  • Finding solutions to emerging technological trends in the industry

Core values

  • BEST PRACTICES: We strive always to ensure the best practices that remain relevant and continue to meet the needs of the global mining and exploration as well as the Petroleum sector are utilized in delivering our services.
  • QUALITY DELIVERY: We make it a point to deliver high quality project development and execution that exceeds our client’s expectations.
  • CLIENT SATISFACTION: Our focus is your complete satisfaction with the execution, cost effectiveness, consistency and turnaround time of our services.
  • TEAM WORK: We will work with your staff or individually to exceed the Client’s expectations in quality, delivery, and performance through continuous improvement and Client interaction, focusing on the satisfaction of our prospective clients.
  • INTEGRITY: we believe our success is tied with the clients success that is why at K-3 we go the extra mile to ensure that everything we do for our clients is unbiased and based on real needs.