Health And Safety Policy


K3 Resources West Africa Limited (K3) is committed to achieving continuous improvement in its Health, Safety and Environmental performance.
The company believe that people are our greatest asset and accept that all employees and the
Communities in which we operate have a right to expect prudent and responsible Health, safety Environmental performance from our activities.
Thus K3 will provide the following to achieve those goals:

  1. Provide conducive and safe workplace for effective management of all HSE issues.
  2. Fulfill and comply with Ghana legislation and other relevant requirements including employer “duty of care” obligations.
  3. Seek to continually improve our HSE performance by utilizing available technology, knowledge and management practices.
  4. Report all incidents and identify HSE hazards and implement changes if required.
  5. Manage risk through a Risk register to ultimately eliminate workplace injury/illness and incidents
  6. Develop, implement and continually improve HSE management systems to ensure that safe work practices are integrated into all areas of the Field of work.
  7. Ensure HSE training is provided across the business to ensure all K3 employees and contractors have the appropriate skills and knowledge and are held accountable for their area of responsibility.
  8. Ensure sufficient resources, in terms of people, equipment and budgets are available to meet our HSE objectives.
  9. Provide safety leadership to advise and assist on safety issues with all stakeholders.
  10. Ensure a high degree of emergency preparedness to effectively respond and recover from any HSE incident.
  11. Require individuals proactive approach in self-regulation of their and others HSE Policy of the Client.