About K3

K3 Resources West Africa LTDĀ is an international consulting practice that offers a unique range of services and a wide range of experience to provide solutions for the rapidly evolving industry trends.

K3 Resources has in-house capabilities in the disciplines of geology, geosciences, geotechnical and mining engineering. K3 provides services from exploration through development and production and also offers specialist services in human resources management.

Our consultants have the requisite skills necessary to overcome remote locations and language barriers, and can work efficiently together with your workforce or a select group of sub-consultants in an integrated project team for optimum performance.

As specialist consultants, we go deeper beyond what is considered as just work to unearth the core principles of the task thereby delivering long term project viability and the best outcomes for your projects.
At K3 Resources, our specialists provide well-developed approaches to bring solutions for the increasing technological industry trends. Our team provides a range of multi-discipline services to meet the constant challenges in the earth, water and human resource industries.

Our mining consulting services are focused on helping you improve your operations; increase your profits with the best efficient and cost effective operational costs.

We provide a range of specialist services in the mining industry through the project cycle from early stage exploration to development and production.
Please find details from our full range of major Specialist services below.