Mineral Resource Evaluation and Resource

mineral resource evaluation and resource

K-3 has a team of highly experienced and skilled resource geologists, geo-statisticians, and surveyors who are responsible for conducting resource estimation and pit considerations that are consistent with the highest international reporting standards. Our mineral resources evaluation works are usually based on inventories of original sources of both historical and current data by first validating for completeness and quality.

Our experts provide extensive technical knowledge in exploration database management, data analysis geological and mineral resource modeling, comprehensive and in-depth understanding of each deposit’s 3D geometry, grade control and reconciliation, resource estimation, Geostatistics, best mining method selection and resource classification.

Our services include:

  • Geological database review and validation
  • 3-D Geological modeling
  • Ore-body and mineral resource modeling
  • Geo-statistical studies
  • Mineral resource evaluation
  • Ore reserve estimation
  • Building simulation models

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