Personal Job Hunt Manager

GET RECOGNISED / complete the missing pieces in your CV


Let your CV stand out from the crowd and don’t let your CV affect your opportunities.
Complete our Free CV / resume appraisal.
Upload your latest CV and have it appraised by an expert providing you with guidance on the following points:

  1. Overall assessment of your current CV/resume
  2. Sections and layout to maximize your chances of generating recruiter interest.
  3. How to ensure your key core competencies has been clearly identified.
  4. Relevant information on your CV/resume that is expected to provide highlights in your target job location.
  5. How to showcase your achievements to make you stand out from other candidates.

The Personal Job Hunt manager services professionally manages all your job vacancy applications for you, this way you are exposed to over 1000s of international recruiters and jobs worldwide.

This is the perfect opportunity for you in case you are looking for that dream job but you do not have the time to job hunt. The job searches will be conducted for you by your dedicated job hunt manager for your convenience.

All you have to do at your comfort is:

Visit your dashboard to view selected jobs, approve the ones of interest and monitor feedback from recruiters.

What we will do:

  1. We call you to discuss your exact requirement, recognizing and understanding your expertise helps to land you job openings with realistic expectation
  2. We will maximize your chances of getting short-listed by optimizing your CV and stand out in the crowd to ensure you are exposed on top of the list of recruiters/employers.
  3. Our large network offers a wider reach of vacancies for you and quickly gets you connected with exciting contracts. We assist you from intake to salary negotiations as per your specific requirements.
  4. Our excellent contacts to jobs/organizations that will be of interest to you, which you as a job seeker, often cannot see enables you to select the job that best fit your requirements.
  5. We carry out frequent and periodic monitoring on your application and get the necessary feedback from employers /recruiters to communicate to you.

To get started:

Activate your Personal Job Hunt Manger services from your dashboard or send us a mail detailing your preferences to